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Growing your organization online, making information about your special project available online or communicating online with your current membership can be a hassle. For those unfamiliar with working with web programming languages or with a readily available CMS (Content Management System) software, it can be an overwhelming task.

Once a website is up and running it will still need to be maintained by someone. Not just the software running the site, the content of the site as well. In many organizations this shifts from person to person who have volunteered to make the system work. If a previous volunteer has done something “unique” to the CMS running your site, it may be difficult for the new person caring for the site to deal with issues.

Blue Morpho Technologies, LLC's new product, Your Org Site©, is just the thing to get your organization online, recognized and it is simple to maintain. It frees you up to focus on what you put your site for in the first place - Communicate!

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Your Org Site© is the perfect solution for Fraternal Organizations, Scouting Organizations, Youth Organizations, Individuals who want to talk about a trip, Alumni organizations, Reunion Organizations, People with a cause, Families looking to keep in touch with each other or planning a Family Reunion, Church groups, the list can go on and on.

Our product uses the Google Calendar® App, Blogger®, Picasa® and Google Drive® to make it easy to get your content online and on your site. Using the simple interface available from these apps you can easily give a new person access to all or just 1 of the apps so they can help maintain your site. Dividing up the labor without having to share passwords.

As soon as your content is entered, Your Org Site© utilizes the information you or your team has entered and turns it into an easy to use website for your visitors, members, potential new members or patrons.

Your Org Site has a one year subscription so you are not locked in to a long term contract. Since your content is stored with Google, even if you decide not to continue with the user friendly website Your Org Site© provides, the content is still available to you. It just won't be available as the user friendly website that you get with Your Org Site©.

Once you use Your Org Site©, we are sure you will want to stick with it.

With your 1 year subscription you get:

  • 1 domain registration for your site (can be used to transfer domain)
  • 1 year of hosting for your site
  • unlimited email addresses
  • Initial setup of the site
  • Lease of website software
  • Lease Includes:
    • Upgrades to your version as they become available
    • Mobile version of site
    • Photo Gallery
    • Calendar
    • News Section
    • Document Resources
    • RSS News Feed
    • Calendar link for subscribing