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Parked, Addon and Sub Domains

These are terms that are often associated with a web hosting account. The terms refer to various things that you can do with a domain. Below you will find a description of each action and what it really means for your site.

What’s in a domain?

First let’s define what a domain is. A domain is a specific name that you register through a company like Blue Morpho Technologies, LLC. It reserves the domain for your sole use until you release the domain for others to take.

A domain is made up of two parts a Top Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-level Domain (SLD).

 The TLD refers to the extension or what comes after the last period. The most common TLDs are com, net and org. More and more TLDs are being created daily and can be a country code or some other custom extension.

The SLD is what is unique to you and your registered domain. It may be something like mydomain or samsproduce. It will always be followed by the TLD.

Combined the SLD and TLD form a unique name. As an example is a unique name from


This example will be used to describe all three types of domain configurations.

Let’s say that you registered When you registered it, you went ahead and got and

When you establish a hosting account for those three domains one of them will be made the primary domain. For the example we will say the .com address is the primary domain.

Parked Domain

With the example above, you have no intention of making three websites; you just wanted to make sure that no one else started using those domains.

You want all three domains (.com, .net and .org) to bring up the same site you. You can Park the .net and .org domains. Parking a domain allows users to type in or to bring up the same site. 

The SLD for each domain does not have to match. It can be that is parked at

Addon Domain

Using the same example from above with the .com, .net and .org for mydomain, we will talk about Addon domains.

For addon domains using and you want to make separate websites for each. By adding on a domain to your hosting account you can create another website or multiple websites. Addon in this case refers to the addition of a domain in relation to the primary domain.

The level of account you have with your hosting provider will control how many addon domains you can have. Other restrictions may also apply depending on your provider.

Sub Domains

In the other examples we were dealing with the SLD and what comes to the right of the last period at in the domain. Sub domains go to the other end of domain and deal with anything that is to the left of the domain. In this example is the domain.

Some examples of sub domains are www or mail really any set of letter and numbers that appear to the left of the domain. With a sub domain you can set aside a special area for clients or members of your organization. Really any special site that you want can be created.


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